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What’s the Point?

The Point is Humboldt County's home of the best rock n roll of all time all the time. We are live and 100% local. What's the best rock n roll of all time? Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Folk Rock, and Rock of the 80's all put together to give you the greatest mix of music. They are all the songs you know and can sing along with!!! All your favorites found in one place. 100.3 and 102.7 KWPT the Point.

The 2017 edition of the Point's Classic Cover Contest starts October 9th, and continues til the last 3 bands are standing.  Every weekday at 9am, Noon, and 3pm - Tune in to hear two of our local bands battle it out.  You can vote, 2 ways.. Call in your vote at 707-786-5978, or log on to our Facebook page where you can listen to each track again and hit "Like" to vote for your favorite.  Voting is only open for one hour per heat.  Make sure to vote for each heat, because your votes determine who plays live for the November 11th live finale at Strangebrew @ The Eureka Theater.  (Get your tickets--soon-- @ We are so very grateful for all of our sponsors - Royal Gold and Pierson's Building Center, Home of the Big Hammer.  Additional Support by Mary Wallaker State Farm in Henderson Center, Ferndale Music, Sound Advice-Audio and Big screen experts, J&G Lawn and Garden, and the Humboldt County Cup.  Also by Eco Groovy Deals, Murphy's Markets, Living Styles, The Humboldt Corner and Blue Lake Casino and Hotel 

November 11th.. You are busy.  Don't even think about missing out on catching your final 3 favorites from the Point's Classic Cover Contest-- as they perform live for Strangebrew - and help celebrate 11 years of the Point as your Live and Local Rock n Roll radio station!  A night of music, suds and frolicking.  Don't miss your chance to party with the Point, with 8 breweries... yeah.. 8 of them, and all the amazing creations they've concocted for this special event.  We'll have some special tickets for you Point listeners, and you'll need to know the password.. Point11.  Dig it.. Do it.. You're worth it.. And so are we!  Cause we go to 11.. and we're getting strange, with Strangebrew November 11th.. More details to come.. 

Tune in this Tuesday at 6 p.m. to hear George Harrison's Cloud Nine as the Album of the Week in its entirety, cover to cover through the hits and the deeper cuts. Album of the Week is sponsored by Wildberries Marketplace, Folie Douce, and Tree Tactics and can be found each and every Tuesday only here on The Point.

As your local rock radio station, we care about our neighbors loved ones.. That includes those of the furry four legged variety.  We know how horrible it feels to have one of your pets disappear, and that's why we created The Paws Cause.  We've created an entire site devoted to helping you find your lost friends.  The Paws Cause site gives you the opportunity to upload a picture of your lost pet, give a graphic google map location of where they were last known to be AND creates a printable flyer with all the pertinent information of your missing friend.. And on top of that -- it immediately sends an email alert to the Point studio so we can announce your lost pet on air.. Lost your pet? Post it on Paws Cause.. 

We've been seriously thinking about changing our Call Letters to KRHINO instead of KWPT because they are so incredible.. They are keeping the Point Prize vault fully stocked with some amazing things coming from some of your favorite artists.. For example..Stone Temple Pilots 25th Anniversary of Core, with remasters, rarities, live recordings and Unreleased Demos. And let's not forget.. our access to the brand new David Bowie boxset "A New Career in a New Town" Bowie from 77-82.  All of which will be in stores on September 29th. 
We must thank and praise the Great Rich "Rhino" Mahan for the gifts we shall receive, and of course, save our hard earned dollars to be able to buy what we can't win - from Rhino Records.  

Put your ad dollars on the Northcoast's only Live and 100% Local Classic Rock Station!  We love our sponsors and believe in supporting all of the fine businesses that believe in us.  To make it happen for your business, call one of our down to earth and whip smart sales folk at 707-786-5104.  You and your business will be glad you did.  

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