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What’s the Point?

The Point is Humboldt County's home of the best rock n roll of all time all the time. We are live and 100% local. What's the best rock n roll of all time? Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Folk Rock, and Rock of the 80's all put together to give you the greatest mix of music. They are all the songs you know and can sing along with!!! All your favorites found in one place. 100.3 and 102.7 KWPT the Point.

Every year, we at the Point like to showcase the local talents of Humboldt Musicians with The Point's Classic Cover Contest.  This is your official reminder that the deadline is just a little more than a month away.. Details and official rules below. 


Official Rules of the Point’s Classic Cover Contest

To enter into the contest you will need to:

Be a local band or solo musician. (You do not need to have your audio submissions ready to enter into the contest). This is a first come first rocked situation. The sooner you get entered, the sooner we can get your band on the airwaves. If you or your band wants in, you should enter your band info now. Email : We need:

Your Band Name

Your Name

Your Phone Number

Your Email Address

Get Your Covers In Now

Enter 2-4 Classic Covers. What’s a Classic Cover? Check this list, and if you don’t find the song you want, email or call Carole Ann (707-786-5978) for approval. All entries must be in to Carole Ann by September 30th, 2016. All songs must be free of obscenities and indecencies. All tracks must also be less than 6 minutes long and as close to radio airplay quality as possible.The Point reserves the right to not play any submission for any reason we deem.  All submissions must be recorded in the year of 2016. We will accept your entries on CD or in mp3/wav files via email or download.

Each band can enter up to 4 tracks for on air battles. We will accept up to 32 bands to compete in our double elimination tournament. There are three battles each day – one at 9am, one at Noon, and one at 3pm. We will play one song from two bands and open up our phone lines and facebook voting for one hour. For one hour Humboldt listeners, and your friends and family from afar can vote two ways. By phone by calling the studio at 707-786-5978 (please only call once per battle) and on the KWPT The Point’s Facebook page ( At the end of that hour, votes are tallied and announced. Winners move up, losers are only eliminated after 2 losses.

The On Air contest starts in early October(Dates subject to change). KWPT The Point has the right to refuse airplay whenever they deem so.

What’s the Point of the Contest?

This is simply a way for your Live and Local Rock N Roll Radio station to get our amazing local talent on the airwaves. And on top of the honor of sharing the airwaves with the likes of the Beatles and Zeppelin, your band can win all sorts of great prizes. (Prizes as of yet.. unknown) But nothing is greater than the bragging rights of knowing you are the best in Humboldt. And as a grand finale, the #1 voted band will open for our headliner Canned Heat  live on November 12th at Blue Lake Casino and Hotel for our Classic Cover Contest Finale and 10th Birthday Bash.  


As your local rock radio station, we care about our neighbors loved ones.. That includes those of the furry four legged variety.  We know how horrible it feels to have one of your pets disappear, and that's why we created The Paws Cause.  We've created an entire site devoted to helping you find your lost friends.  The Paws Cause site gives you the opportunity to upload a picture of your lost pet, give a graphic google map location of where they were last known to be AND creates a printable flyer with all the pertinent information of your missing friend.. And on top of that -- it immediately sends an email alert to the Point studio so we can announce your lost pet on air.. Lost your pet? Post it on Paws Cause.. 

Tune in this Tuesday at 6 p.m. to hear The Doors' L.A. Woman as the Album of the Week in its entirety, cover to cover through the hits and the deeper cuts. Album of the Week can be found each and every Tuesday only here on The Point.

Put your ad dollars on the Northcoast's only Live and 100% Local Classic Rock Station!  We love our sponsors and believe in supporting all of the fine businesses that believe in us.  To make it happen for your business, call one of our down to earth and whip smart sales folk at 707-786-5104.  You and your business will be glad you did.  

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