What’s the Point?

The Point is Humboldt County's home of the best rock n roll of all time all the time. We are live and 100% local. What's the best rock n roll of all time? Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Folk Rock, and Rock of the 80's all put together to give you the greatest mix of music. They are all the songs you know and can sing along with!!! All your favorites found in one place. 100.3 and 102.7 KWPT the Point.

Casting Call!!  Point's Classic Cover Contest 2014!! DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES - SEPTEMBER 26TH! Local Bands and musicians.. Heads up.  Start figuring out your favorite Point tracks and start practicing..And get them recorded. Full details here. If you already know you want to take part - Get your name/band entered in now.. First come, first rocked.   September/October is as always - Classic Cover Contest Craziness!  2013 was an amazing success with an awesome sold out show.. This year - we plan on an even bigger event on November 7th at Humbrews So consider yourself warned.  

Theme this week -- School is in session!  This week's theme is back to School. Get your thoughts onto the list by calling 786-5978 or email it at studio@kwpt.com. The Top Ten @ 10 is made possible every week by Jeremy and the Crew at Shaw Computer Services in Fortuna. 

No good deed goes unpunished, it's like an inevitable truth.  Sometimes the best people get dealt the worst hand.  Kreations Auto Body and The Point are teaming up to actually try and right one of those karmic wrongs. We endeavor to find the most deserving person on the northcoast and then, give them a car of their choosing..  but we need your help to do so.  Kevin at Kreations Auto Body is definitely in the Top 5 of the nicest people in Humboldt County. Don't believe  me? Check this out.  He is going to give 1 fortunate north coast resident a car. And not just any car, but a car of their choice up to $25K!  Seriously.  For the next few months, you will have a chance to nominate someone in your life, or someone you simply know about -  who is in need of a car. Know a certain do gooder that needs some wheels to expand their good deeds? Know someone that has been dealt a rough hand that still manages to overcome their challenges?  Nominate them.  It's The Kreating CARma Giveaway - Kreating a Car in someone's life - Brought to you by the Point. 

Tune in this Tuesday at 6 P.M. to hear Elton John's, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road as the Album of the Week, one of rock's best albums in its entirety, cover to cover through the hits and the deeper cuts. Album of the Week is each and every Tuesday only here on The Point.

For the first 2 weeks of September - your favorite lunchtime quiz is giving out free food!  Starting on Sept 2 through September 12th - each weekday you can try and win yourself a gift card to Los Bagels!  You know the deal.. Got You Covered - where we play a cover of a very well known song.. First person to call in with the correct original artist of the track, wins some free food from Los Bagels.. A continuation of celebration for hitting their 30th year in business anniversary.  It happens every weekday at high noon.. Tune in and win. 

In Humboldt, the bounty of our fertile lands are ready for some serious reaping.  For the duration of the Farmer's Market season, listen to the Point's lunchtime feature "Got You Covered" on the last week of every month to try and win the bountiful basket of goodies from the Fortuna Farmer's Market-Chock full of locally grown goodies.  You've got a 1 in 5 chance that you'll be taking home the bounty.  Winners will be able to get their bounty on the following Tuesday in Fortuna.  And don't forget to check out the Fortuna Farmers Market every Tuesday from 3-6pm.

The Point is happy to welcome our newest family member (and one we can call the good doctor.) Dr. B Good hits the Point airwaves Sundays at 8 - 10pm to give you a dose of the blues for what ails you.  Tune in, give him a call, see what the doctor prescribes.  

As your local rock radio station, we care about our neighbors loved ones.. That includes those of the furry four legged variety.  We know how horrible it feels to have one of your pets disappear, and that's why we created The Paws Cause.  We've created an entire site devoted to helping you find your lost friends.  The Paws Cause site gives you the opportunity to upload a picture of your lost pet, give a graphic google map location of where they were last known to be AND creates a printable flyer with all the pertinent information of your missing friend.. And on top of that -- it immediately sends an email alert to the Point studio so we can announce your lost pet on air.. Lost your pet? Post it on Paws Cause.. 

Lovingly stitched by the fine folks at Fortuna Stitchwitch. Make your own Point attire, customized to your desires.. Just click here to start shopping for the finest Point Paraphernalia.. 

Things on the way with The Point - The Point's Classic Cover Contest 2014 deadline for entries September 26th all leading up to the Point's Classic Cover contest finale live show and Point birthday bash in November.