What’s the Point?

The Point is Humboldt County's home of the best rock n roll of all time all the time. We are live and 100% local. What's the best rock n roll of all time? Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Folk Rock, and Rock of the 80's all put together to give you the greatest mix of music. They are all the songs you know and can sing along with!!! All your favorites found in one place. 100.3 and 102.7 KWPT the Point.

Starting on October 12th - the 5th year of the Point's Classic Cover Contest commences.. It's starting to smell a lot like glory... and Sharpies oddly enough.. We have collected 28 of the most talented musicians in Humboldt County and we are pitting them up against each other in a bloody double elimination tournament on the airwaves.. Tune in at 9am, 12ish, and 3pm to hear each battle in all it's glory.. Voting is open for one hour.. You can vote 2 ways - by calling us at 707-786-5978 (please only call once per battle), and on Facebook (where you can listen to the tracks again for the heat, and of course, vote with a "like"). You decide who you want to see perform for the live finale on November 20th at Humbrews. The Point's Classic Cover Contest is brought to you by Piersons Building Center - Home of the Big Hammer and Bear River Casino and Hotel.  Prizes donated by Ferndale Music and Blue Lake Casino and Hotel. 

We've been seriously thinking about changing our Call Letters to KRHINO instead of KWPT because they are so incredible.. They are keeping the Point Prize vault fully stocked with some amazing things coming from some of your favorite artists.. For example.. In stores August 25th - and soon to be in the hands of your capable prize giving DJ's-The career spanning Box Set of Faces and 10 copies of: The Best of Faces, Nice Boys.  And September is HUGE. Guaranteed Rhino has you covered with something you will adore.. 10 copies of The Doors Other Voices and Full Circle seems intriguing (Out Sept 4th).  Of course you should feel Grateful on Sept 18th for the newest Dead Boxed Set 30 Trips Around the Sun.  And also to powerhouse September out with Bowie's Five Years Boxed Set in stores September 25th. And lastly, O is for October and Otis Redding's 12 cd Career spanning Boxed set of OMG. We must thank and praise the Great Rich "Rhino" Mahan for the gifts we shall receive, and of course, save our hard earned dollars to be able to buy what we can't win - from Rhino Records.  

The wait is nearly over.. Starting in June - you will be able to win yourself a Handcrafted Point Tie Dye T-shirt from our friends at 2 Dye 4 Designs in Myers Flat.. Through the years, you've seen Tie Dye Jim's work on the side of the road as you cruise through the Redwoods on the 101, at multiple music festivals and now of course at the storefront that is 2 Dye 4 Designs in Myers Flat.  Each Tuesday - listen to the Point to find out how you can win the weekly T-Shirt.. You'll even be able to choose the color theme (from the picture on the left) and of course, whatever size you need.  It's a 2 dye 4 Tuesday - Every Tuesday on The Point. 

Tune in this Tuesday at 6 P.M. to hear Rush's Caress of Steel as the Album of the Week in its entirety, cover to cover through the hits and the deeper cuts. Album of the Week is sponsored by Emerald Magazine and Rita's Margaritas & Mexican Grill and can be found each and every Tuesday only here on The Point.

As your local rock radio station, we care about our neighbors loved ones.. That includes those of the furry four legged variety.  We know how horrible it feels to have one of your pets disappear, and that's why we created The Paws Cause.  We've created an entire site devoted to helping you find your lost friends.  The Paws Cause site gives you the opportunity to upload a picture of your lost pet, give a graphic google map location of where they were last known to be AND creates a printable flyer with all the pertinent information of your missing friend.. And on top of that -- it immediately sends an email alert to the Point studio so we can announce your lost pet on air.. Lost your pet? Post it on Paws Cause.. 

Lovingly stitched by the fine folks at Fortuna Stitchwitch. Make your own Point attire, customized to your desires.. Just click here to start shopping for the finest Point Paraphernalia..