Janet was deposited by aliens, in Toronto, Canada to a family of 4, fresh off the boat from England. After having her first written essays at school marked with red pen for her spelling of “colour” and “flavour”, and school mates (kids being mean all over the globe) teasing for her oddball accent, Janet quickly learned to sound like everyone else. Janet proudly displays her green card to this day, next to a painting of her home planet. Janet is still sometimes referred to as Janet Planet. Growing up mostly in the bay area when it was still full of fruit orchards, home was always full of music. Big brother played the flute and guitar and introduced her to music and live concerts while she was still in elementary school. Mom and Dad always played tapes and records, and well, things just went downhill from there. The little radio under the pillow at night, and later earning an allowance for her record collection and guitar lessons in 4th grade. Music was encouraged and proper behavior still insisted on, which became a problem for the parents when full teeny bopper-hood bloomed along with her affection for “long haired hippies”. In spite of it all, Janet grew up relatively unscathed, earned a degree in Journalism, went to work for the Palo Alto Times newspaper, Sunset Magazine & Books, and then continued into the print trade, working for school book publishers, printers and typesetters in the bay area. Other jobs included posing as a chocolate milkshake outside a well-known fast food establishment, a chauffeur driving limos, the questionable vocation of cocktail waitress, and eventually tossed it all to move to Humboldt. After a too-brief period of unemployment and lollygagging, Janet worked for KVIQ Channel 6 in Eureka, and then landed gratefully at the home of local and independent radio in Humboldt County. Janet has 3 chickens, one rooster named Mr. T (who gave up the gold chains recently, cashing them in for mere chicken feed), and two lovable yellow labs named Jake and Elwood. Natural disasters are an on-going fascination – to know Janet is to become paranoid in ways that you may have never considered. Hey, too much of anything can kill you, even oxygen. Catch Janet when we need her most, filling in whenever she can, on 100.3 and 102.9 The Point