We are simply soiling ourselves over Royal Gold.. And you can too.  Celebrate the season of growing and the urging of new life- by winning 4 bags of Royal Gold's Kings Mix and get entered in to win a Super Sack! (nearly a lorry load of soil!)Starting on April 26th - one winner per weekday will receive 4 bags of King's Mix -each bag is 3 cu/ft of premium coco based goodness. Its a well aerated coconut fiber and peat moss blend in it own heavy duty, decorative 20 gallon grow bag! All all those saps that didn't win that day - are entered in to win the Grand Prize Super Sack of Soil on May 5th. (Super Sack details:1 cubic yard of loose soil in a "supersack" it is over 500 lbs of Soil. Enough for 3- 3'x3'x1' raised beds or a 3'x9'x1' raised bed. (about 173 gallons.))  Tune in and listen for the declarations of the King to get entered to win.  Winning details: Daily winners can pick up their soil at any of the four locations of Northcoast Horticulture Supply - conveniently located from McKinleyville to Fortuna. Grand prize winner will pickup directly from Royal Gold.. So get into the season and soil yourself.. on us.. With Royal Gold and 100.3 and 102.7 The Point.